Most of us love a foot massage, especially after a long day on our feet. There’s something so restorative and nurturing about caring for and connecting with our feet. But there’s a lot more to reflexology than just making your feet feel good..

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which aims to treat the whole person. There are areas on the feet, face and hands which correspond to all the body’s organs and systems, and a reflexologist uses gentle pressure techniques to activate these reflex points. Modern reflexology has roots in ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese practices and has surged in popularity as a holistic therapy to aid relaxation, reduce stress, improve sleep, release tension, improve mood and increase wellbeing.

For clinical reflexologist Kristi Sloan the route to discovering reflexology was a winding one. Kristi who has British and Norwegian heritage lived in England, Norway and Portugal before settling in North Berwick 12 years ago, returning to her husband’s home town to bring up their two children. Having experienced periods of anxiety, stress and post-natal depression, Kristi wanted natural ways to help improve her wellbeing, leading her to discover the benefits of reflexology.  

With a Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Reflexology, Kristi offers traditional foot reflexology as well as specialist sessions in pregnancy and postnatal care, treatment for babies and children, facial reflexology and Indian head massage Kristi explains reflexology is gentle, effective, and safe for all ages and stages of life, it can be used to treat a host of health issues, from back pain and arthritis to migraines and menstruation, as well as be used safely to complement existing medical support. She adds; “I see a lot of people looking to find balance in their stressful lives, people with sleep disorders, chronic pain or hormonal issues. But my clients also find reflexology great for supporting pregnancy – both emotionally and physically.” Reflexology can be used to support babies and children though unsettled periods, and Kristi uses techniques to help soothe babies with colic, teething, constipation and eczema. She also has a Friday afternoon clinic for school-aged children. Having trained with Ziggy Bergman, award-winning facial reflexologist to the stars, Kristi will soon be offering the Zone Facelift. Combining the benefits of facial reflexology with incredible facelift massage techniques, this is considered a natural alternative to Botox.

The number of reflexology sessions needed can vary – some people notice the benefits straight away, while others find their mood and sleep patterns improve over multiple sessions. And, with clients saying; “they feel de-stressed, sleep better, loved every second, look forward to it every week, feel in a much better place mentally,” you can be sure reflexology will help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, and breathe life back into your body, making you feel balanced, positive and full of energy. 

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