Ayurveda, meaning science of life, is considered the sister science of Yoga. In Ayurveda the first thing we consider is a person’s natural constitution which in Sanskrit is called our Prakruti. According to Ayurveda we are made up of five great elements – space, air, fire water and earth. And it’s how these elements interact, creating patterns in three expressions of Prana that make up our Doshas. The Doshas are biophysical forces that move through the physical body and give an individual a unique energetic fingerprint. Typically, one element out of the five will be in excess – causing imbalances. These imbalances can be corrected though diet, lifestyle and herbs. Yoga is one of the lifestyle choices we suggest to a client to bring balance, understanding and greater health. There are certain times of the day when it’s more suitable for a person to practice Yoga. As a person who is high in the elements of space and air I tend to move a lot, so an evening practice is more suited to my constitution as it grounds, slows and calms me down. Ayurveda is a complex, yet simple, system whose main aim is to protect and promote living a long and healthy life. Here are two Yoga poses you can safely practice which are Tri-Doshic and will help keep you balanced.

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