As we start to acclimatise to life after lockdown, for many of us there are a few habits and routines we would like let go of. But if there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us – it is that we need to make a constant effort towards maintaining both our physical and mental health.

The most recent lockdown has somehow felt harder, longer, and a bit more of a strain on our mental health and wellbeing. And just as it took time to find ways of coping during lockdown, it’s likely it’ll take time to get used to a new normal. As we adjust it’s important to keep our minds as healthy as our bodies. Personal trainer Vharri McMinn and accredited life coach and mindfulness facilitator Jarrien Philip have developed a six-week online programme with this in mind. Their Mindset Group Programme is a blend of fitness and coaching tools and techniques, designed to support individual health and wellbeing goals. Delivered online, exercise workouts are sent every week along with meal plan ideas and mindfulness and coaching exercises. And importantly, there is also the opportunity to engage and share on the private online community group, helping keep you motivated and accountable. 

Vharri, who has a degree in sports science and nutrition and opened her fitness studio three years ago at North Berwick’s Lighthouse, tells us many people who weren’t previously into fitness have been getting into running, yoga and other activities as a way to cope with lockdown. And they’ve been astounded at how much daily exercise can improve life. She believes in providing clients with the tools to help improve health, fitness and wellbeing to achieve a more positive, strong and active life. “Our Mindset Group Programme offers an encouraging and empowered approach, allowing you to start at your own pace and progress from there. It’s down to you how much work you put into programme, but we’re here throughout the journey to help keep the momentum going.

Just as we have physical health, we have mental health, and the two are closely related. Jarrien who is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential explains we need to take opportunities to reset and relax. “Lockdown has taught us it’s good to have quiet times to restore and reflect, and that’s one of the reasons we’re offering fortnightly, live group coaching and mindfulness sessions on Zoom.”  

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, strength training, to increase cardio or just feel better and more energised then this course is for you. One client commented; “Over six weeks I’ve gone from feeling inactive to getting 10,000 steps most days.” Others added; “The weekly inputs, encouragement, and keeping us focused on our mindset is so positive.” “I felt nurtured, encouraged, challenged and supported through the six weeks.” Vharri adds “Jarrien and I are excited to be able to work together and hope our programme will encourage and support people to be active while also practicing mindfulness.”

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