When you hear the word menopause what is the first thought that enters your mind? Over the hill and past it? Hot flushes? Lack of sleep? Mood swings? Brain fog? The end of your fertile life?.

Menopause is something all women go through, usually around the age of 46 to 51-years but the symptoms of the perimenopause (the lead up to the cessation of menstruation) can occur many years before this. To catalogue the symptoms associated with this stage in a woman’s life would take too long – there are over 150 documented! Every woman’s experience is different and individual. Some may only experience minor symptoms, others may feel debilitated by a range of  physical and emotional symptoms that turn life upside down.  

Throughout her own menopause, Petra Coveney an experienced yogi and member of the British Menopause Society, adapted yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices to help positively manage her symptoms. She went on to create Menopause Yoga™ (MY) to educate and empower women to embrace the changes in their minds, bodies and emotions at this life stage. This is undertaken using a unique combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices specially adapted to support the main symptoms of menopause, such as; hot flushes, stress and anxiety, irritability and mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, and lack of joy.

Angela Edwards, a part-time biomedical scientist and yoga fanatic, was keen to share the benefits of this empowering style of yoga.  A fully-qualified yoga teacher who has been practicing for over 20 years, Angela recently completed Menopause Yoga training with Petra and will be running a series of workshops, throughout 2021, open to all women at any stage of the menopause. The aim of the three-hour workshop is to provide support to women on their menopause journey, through; discussion: how the body changes and ways to manage the symptoms by providing information about HRT, complementary therapies, journaling, Ayurveda and nutrition.  Women’s circle: the opportunity to be heard, and to share experiences in a safe and supportive space – this sense of connectedness and community can often be a very healing experience. Themed yoga practice: poses specifically chosen to support the theme, before relaxing and then reconnecting to share feelings post practice.  Angela adds; “No yoga experience is necessary, all the poses are accessible, so even if you have little or no yoga experience you will still reap the many benefits. The workshop will leave you feeling both nurtured and nourished on a physical, mental and emotional level as you enter the autumn season of life.”

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