At the beginning of every year I offer my yoga students the opportunity to set a Sankalpa. In Sanskrit, the ancient classical Indian language, Sankalpa means ‘an intention formed by the heart and mind’. A statement or vow you create, which you promise to commit to.

This year I made a promise to myself to release any experiences that don’t serve me anymore so I can restore my energy to where it needs to go – to what really matters. During such chaotic and challenging times, many of us have realised what is important to us and what is not. It’s time to let go of all negativity, time to commit to restoring humanity and focus on the good. But first we must start with ourselves. Yoga is all about self realisation. It’s a process we commit to and move through, layer upon layer. It is incredible, magical, what we reveal and what unfolds… it’s not always pretty but it’s honest, and when you do let go, you connect deeper into your soul.