If your health and wellness resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, don’t worry, a nutritional therapist can help get you back on track..

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming. And with every Tom, Dick and Harriet claiming to be a health guru on Instagram these days, it’s difficult to know who to turn to for advice, because #eatclean isn’t a qualification. Enter nutritional therapists: the people trained to help us eat better. Sure, there are loads of people who know their quinoa from their freekah, but nutritionists are a whole other breed. Using scientific and evidence-based research along with diet, lifestyle and supplement interventions a nutritional therapist can improve health outcomes and bring the body back into balance. They offer tailored advice and no two programmes will ever look the same. We asked nutritional therapist Katrina Farrell what to expect when seeing a nutritionist.

Why would you see a nutritional therapist?

Nutrition is not just about weight-loss, but incorporates a wide variety of health conditions that may benefit from nutritional input. I work with clients who have chronic illnesses, mild symptoms of ill-health or just want to maximise health. There are many reasons to see a nutritional therapist, for example; support for digestive issues such as IBS, IBD, bloating and indigestion, hormonal imbalances or help to increase resilience to stress and anxiety or advice on supporting an existing health condition or health goal. The list is by no mean exhaustive and it’s always a very personal decision.

What to expect from a nutritionist consultation

An initial appointment is between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time, a detailed case history is taken which helps the nutritional therapist understand where nutritional support can be provided. After the initial consultation, you’ll receive an individually formulated plan which encompasses nutritional strategies, rest, exercise, and stress reduction techniques targeting the root source of health concerns. 

Katrina, a qualified nutritional therapist and registered with British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), launched her nutritional therapy practice in 2020. Alongside her one-to-one clients, she runs online workshops addressing teen hormone health, hormone support for transitioning menopause, ageing well and surviving exam stress. She adds; “It’s been very exciting to launch my health and wellness business. My approach is tailored to individual needs and will help you reach your health goals. Small changes can have a huge impact on health, energy, mental focus, mood and skin. I love being able to give people the knowledge to nourish their bodies, thrive and function at their best. 

To find out about nutritional therapy and how it could help you, book a free discovery call on 07733 295688
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