Keeping skin supple and nourished in the winter can be difficult so we asked Rebecca O’Connor from Beatitude for advice on maintaining a healthy complexion this winter.

Facial oils are a really easy addition to your existing skin care routine, especially if you’re wanting to give your skin some extra nourishment. Our skin often feels drier in the winter as it loses moisture – harsh winds, freezing temperatures and central heating all take their toll. Layering your skin-care products in winter allows the moisture to be kept in the skin’s layers rather than pulled out by the dry outside air. Use your normal moisturiser first then follow with a rich facial oil.

Beatitude has three super silky nourishing facial oils which sink into skin beautifully and restore your skin’s radiance, helping to maintain healthy skin. Renew is powerfully anti-ageing as it’s naturally rich in retinol from broccoli seed oil and avocado oil. This stimulates cell renewal and works to reduce signs of ageing. Supercharged with natural vitamin C from plant oils such as passion flower, pomegranate and raspberry seed, Revitalise helps reduce skin inflammation, irregular pigmentation leaving skin looking brightened and revitalised. Replenish is a soothing and calming blend of plant oils including evening primrose, oat, squalene and black cumin seed oil which nourishes and gives skin a healthy, dewy glow.

To maximise your skin’s radiance, Rebecca  recommends you rotate your facial oil every four months and drink plenty of water in the winter months to keep your body and skin hydrated.

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