Christmas is upon us and, for many, it can be a very mixed time of year. Filled with laughter, a wonder of festive delights and all things sparkly. But, it can also be a time filled with an under-current of pressure on many different levels, and if left unmanaged can mess with our routines and emotions. Although it’s wonderful to give to others, remember to give to yourself too. Here are two Yoga poses which are great boosters and will keep you stable and focused this Christmas. 


Virabhadrasana II | Warrior II

Find a quiet space, outside if you need too. Take time to tune into your body by closing down the eyes and sitting in Sukasana cross legged or Vajrasana on your heels coming into an Easy Pose. Begin to breathe deeply – in through your nose and out through your mouth to calm your nervous system and create some space. Flow through three to five rounds of Sun Salutations A and B, and then come to Tadasana Mountain Pose at the top of your mat. Step your right leg out, face to the right, in line with the length of your mat, both feet in line with your hips and then turn your right foot so it is straight, your toes facing the back of your mat. Bend your right knee, keep your right thigh strong and straight, your knee in line with your ankle and bring your arms in line with your shoulders, right arm in front, left arm behind. Relax your shoulders, tilt your pelvis in, keep your spine straight and keep pushing your back foot into the mat, this is a hip opener so you should start to feel that opposing stretch. As you settle into the pose softly gaze down the middle finger of your right hand, this is what we call your Dristi point, it focuses the mind whilst you continue to breathe deeply in the pose. Hold for five deep breaths and then change sides.

Vrksasana | Tree Pose

Come back to standing in Mountain Pose at the top of your mat. Women feet hip-width apart and men, feet together or a little apart. Make sure you can feel the four corners of your feet. Bring your hands to Anjali Mudra by bringing your palms together and draw your thumbs into your chest. Gaze forward, really press your right foot into your mat and then bring your attention to your core, engage your core by drawing your navel in towards your spine and then lift your core upwards towards your chest. Slowly lift your left foot up and place the sole of your foot onto your right inner calf (never on the knee) then take your left knee out to the side so you open your left hip, keep the sole of your left foot pressing onto your right calf, keep breathing and gazing forward. Hold for five breaths and then change sides.

It’s really important to take your time coming in and out of poses so try not to rush, breathe, still your mind, stay present, listen to your body and if you need to hold onto a chair or the wall to begin with that’s absolutely fine.