Bernadette Petrie asks us to pay attention to how we feel at Christmas and into the coming year..

was writing this piece, whilst sitting in a local café and  took the opportunity to ask a couple of fellow customers, (who both gave me lovely smiles as I glanced up) what they loved most about Christmas. Earlier, I’d ask my daughter the same question and I shared her thoughts – she loves the smell of Christmas. Immediately one of the ladies said; “Oh yes I love the smell of Christmas day.” And, indeed Christmas day does have a very significant scent. Just as I did, have you now time-travelled to previous Christmas days? Can you remember the smell and how it makes you feel? 

We are sensory beings and now, more than ever, we are encouraged to pay attention to how things make us feel. This Christmas, instead of just doing what you think is expected, why not focus your energy into how you want things to feel – in your mind, body and soul, in your home, in your family, in your community, in your world.

Christmas also means we have a new year approaching. It’s hard to believe that in less than 30 days we’ll burst into a whole new decade with the birth of 2020. In the energy coaching world, 2020 is all about change, it’s about stepping up into our truest selves, about being real, honest and living our lives in a whole new way – the intuitive way, rather than the expected way. 

Despite what current news would have you believe, the future you experience can be created by you, it’s not a fait accompli. A future awaits you, one that might well take you by surprise, one that might make you feel as if you are living on a new earth. Back in 2009, with a whole new decade approaching, I had no idea I was to become a writer and coach. I had no clue I was to create The Barefoot Sanctuary, and yet I did. Maybe you are feeling now, as I did then? Internally things felt incredibly turbulent. But, because I allowed myself to feel the inner discontent, to go through the discomfort, I finally chose to trust, to surrender and to feel the fear. I let this thing called life happen anyway.  

Over the coming weeks, we all have an opportunity to tune into to our bodies, to listen to our souls and ask some really powerful questions that will take us into 2020. Questions such as; How can I be more truly myself? How can I live my life more honestly? How can I show up more? How can I feel more alive and free on a daily basis? How can I make this world feel like a better place? How can I feel more love?

We all have an inner guidance inside of us which can take things from there. But what we have to do, is tune in and then take action. Be that person now, choose to be more honest now, decide to show up more now, do something that makes you feel really alive and free now. Do something in the community which will make it a better place right now. Love who you are right now. Isn’t that the true gift of Christmas in action?

With love until the next time

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