While daily brushing and flossing will be enough for most us to keep our teeth and gums healthy, for others this might not be enough to smile confidently.

According to a recent survey forty per cent of the UK population are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. If you hide your teeth when you speak or avoid smiling fully, you could be one of the many people for whom teeth is a conscious issue. Brits are now turning to the many treatments available to help improve the look of our teeth and enable us to smile happily. Treatments such as tooth whitening, tooth straightening and tooth build ups are available for those who suffer from darker, short, chipped, worn, rotated or discoloured teeth. Known as Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID), these treatments are available in both the Gullane and North Berwick dental practices and involve no drilling or needles for injections.

Sometimes all of the three MID treatments, detailed below, are looked at together or recommended individually. Which ever treatment is decided upon, you can be sure you are preserving all of the healthy tooth underneath, protecting your teeth long term whilst improving the way you smile immediately.    


This is a very safe and simple way to improve tooth colour.  Whitening gel is placed into closely fitted trays which are then worn for a few hours daily over a few weeks. Results are usually quick and effective helping to lift your tooth colour and improve their appearance. ICON treatment is an additional method which is used to treat white and brown spot lesions on the tooth surface. There is no upper age limit for whitening but patients must be over 18-years-old. 


This is carried out by correcting small twists and overlaps to your front teeth using simple orthodontic tooth movements. Over time, it is possible to find your lower front teeth have tilted over each other or your upper teeth have become overlapped. The easy to wear appliances can sort these small issues in a short period of time. 


These are full or partial tooth covers using white filling materials called composite.  Safe, reversible and straight forward placing using adhesive dentistry. This treatment involves looking at the way you bite, to prevent tooth or fillings becoming chipped in the future, as well as improving the way your teeth look. Initially trial covers are made to allow you to view how the planned changes will look. This ensures you are happy before committing to treatment.

Arrange an appointment with the clinical team at either the Gullane or North Berwick practice to discuss how some, or all of the treatment options may help you smile more confidently. 


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