For many the thought of spending an hour in the company of a personal trainer can be kind of daunting. Running on a treadmill or waving a kettle-bell around in the air while a total stranger in top physical condition looks at you? Well, that would be intimidating to anyone.

The truth is, though, if you’re thinking about taking greater responsibility for your health and wellbeing, then at least one personal training session is definitely a good idea. And the best personal trainers are genuinely invested in their clients’ progress – they care! I spoke to Maximize Wellness founder Brian Dickson, who has over 25 years experience as a lecturer in further education colleges and a fitness trainer in both the public and private sectors, to find out exactly what you should expect from a personal trainer.

I know I need to improve my fitness and eat better, but I am not sure how. And, it’s often hard to find the time.

Despite being aware of the surmounting research that regular exercise and healthy eating habits can actually reduce stress, improve your energy levels and work-life balance, it’s often the first thing we let go in our busy lives. When I talk to people about fitness and health there always seems to be one extreme or the other. Finding the right balance is often not something practiced or understood, especially for beginners. But getting the balance correct between exercise, nutrition, work and recreation is the key to being successful. Whatever you do, needs to be appropriate for you and this is where a personal trainer can help – they’ll help you find that balance as well as work with you to enhance your greater health and wellbeing.

Do I really need a personal training session?

I would highly recommend at least an hour’s personal consultation or seeing a personal trainer for one or two sessions. This allows us to find out the information needed to provide feedback on your current readiness to exercise safely and effectively, in order to maximise your wellness. We can also check things such as your mobility and strength, and correct your form. 

Won’t a personal trainer push me too hard?

Most people think the idea of a trainer is to push clients, but I believe it’s more subtle than this. A good trainer will take a different approach and will make people aware of the way they work. At Maximize Wellness we’ll always work with you to achieve your goals, but we will also help you change your behaviour so no matter what happens to your specific goal, you will come away with an education, better habits, and the understanding that great health and fitness is a lifelong pursuit.

If some thing’s too hard am I allowed to say?

Of course, you have to say if something is too much! A good trainer will never judge you – they’re there to help you. It shouldn’t be boot camp, you should be following a well structured, well thought-through programme to develop all round strength, both physically and emotionally.

Do I need to prepare anything? Will there be a quiz on my resting heart rate?

No, nothing like that! At Maximize Wellness, we’ll chat to you and ask a few questions. We’ll find out about your training history, if you have any injuries, what your goals are. We’ll carry out a postural and movement assessment, look at your diet and lifestyle and how exercise will fit into this. This helps to set the scene for the first training session.

How do I know what my goals are? 

A lot of people come in with set ideas, some are doable, some not quite as achievable. But the goals do need to be appropriate, so a person can progress. We work with a diverse range of clients – sports specific, weight loss, general fitness and rehabilitation cases – so we design exercise programmes which are specific to a client’s needs We also offer a comprehensive class programme and Fit for Golf sessions. Whichever route you choose, Maximize Wellness encourages you to practice finding balance in fitness and health by teaching methods you can use to build a long term lifestyle, which you can stick to without feeling like you are constantly having to compromise your happiness for health.

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