I know summer is just a hazy memory, but we can still dream of the beach and sandy cones crammed with all sorts of flavours, which brings me to coffee ice cream. My absolute favourite flavour.

This is a ridiculously easy coffee ice cream recipe that does not require an ice cream maker. Whipping cream is combined with sweetened condensed milk and a strong double espresso which you can pick up from local roaster, Steampunk Coffee, and is beaten until thick. Frozen until set, this rich, creamy ice cream is not only delicious, but the work of mere minutes – give it a go!


600ml whipping cream
200g sweetened condensed milk (about ½ a can)
1 tablespoon of water
A double espresso (or stronger if you love coffee like me)


Buy or brew your double espresso. Add condensed milk to the coffee. Mix well. Add the condensed milk and coffee mixture to the whipping cream. Whisk until creamy. Transfer to an air-tight container and freeze for 3-4 hours.

Enjoy it cold. It really is that easy!

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