Aumir (pronounced Amer) Javed lives in North Berwick with his wife and three children. He is an instantly recognisable face on North Berwick’s high street, having been Postmaster at North Berwick’s Post Office since 2006. After a career in IT, he realised the thing he missed the most was helping people – he says he gets this from his mum! So, Aumir applied to become a Postmaster and a few months later an opportunity became available in North Berwick and he jumped at the chance. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions……

What is your greatest achievement?
With so many businesses closing over the last few years especially post offices I think the businessmen and women of North Berwick have done fantastically well to keep our high street thriving during these difficult times. I think that’s the greatest achievement of owners and customers alike.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
I would advise my 18-year-old self and any 18-year-old, to follow their passion in life. You may chase certain jobs for the wrong reasons but doing a job you love will keep you interested and happiest as you get older.

When are you happiest?
My job keeps me inside a lot so I am happiest on days off when I can visit new places and see new things. I love travelling.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?
Our customers have the best stories. They always keep us laughing, and sometimes crying, with tales from their daily lives. It’s the customers who make our day so enjoyable.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I love movies. I forget family birthdays but seem to remember which year random movies were released and loads of trivia about most movies even ones I haven’t watched.

Favourite book?
With three kids I don’t get much time to read but I have been trying to read ‘The Truth About Rudolf Hess’ by our very own Lord Douglas-Hamilton who was kind enough to give me a copy. We have such a rich history and I find stories of World War II extremely fascinating.

What word do you over use?
Working in the post office we must use the same combination of words hundreds of times a day. “Can you pop it on the scale” must be my most overused! 

Song that always gets you dancing?
I love Pink – most of her songs always brighten my day.

Next adventure?
I’m planning on visiting Morocco this summer. Exploring, seeing new places, meeting new people is what I love.

Finally, letters or emails?
I know only too well that letter writing has fallen behind emailing and even this is being replaced with messaging. I don’t really mind what type of communication we use as long as we keep in touch with each other. 

NORTH BERWICK POST OFFICE | 7 High St, North Berwick