Found at two months old wandering in the woods in Spain, a small, thin puppy was rescued along with his two sisters. Now with a loving family in East Lothian, Sil has been given a second chance.

Things looked good for Sil when he found a home with Laura and Phil. It was, however, just the beginning of the journey for all of them. Sil was very underweight and had no previous training but Laura and Phil were dedicated to giving Sil a second chance and set about making up for lost time. 

They looked to Kathy’s K9 Solutions for help. Kathy McGrane introduced a variety of strategies to develop Sil’s confidence and help him bond with his new guardians. All was going well and Sil was developing into a lovely dog. Then in January, Sil was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He had been enjoying running around freely and without that exercise he became angry and frustrated. Laura and Phil were close to despair but with Kathy’s encouragement they kept attending classes, working through Sil’s issues and varying his training regime to reflect his condition. Their perseverance paid off. Laura explains; “A training walk with Kathy was the turning point. I was not enjoying walking him, often in tears in the middle of fields. Kathy gave me confidence to work with Sil and enjoy it.” Along with hydrotherapy Sil continued with Kathy’s weekly lessons. And Laura and Phil are delighted that, with Kathy’s help, he has turned into a lovely balanced pet, who everyone loves. 

 Kathy an experienced educator, spent 28 years teaching in primary schools. Her career change involved further study and she is now a fully qualified dog trainer with an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and a member of a number of professional bodies. Kathy says; “I love dogs,  I love teaching and I thoroughly enjoy taking people on a learning journey with their dogs. 

She teaches guardians how to train their dogs with reward-based training, reinforcing the behaviours that are wanted. Punishment and aversive handling, play no part in Kathy’s classes. By using games and concept training she delivers the learning dogs need so guardians can be sure they have the foundations for a happy dog. Her friendly, helpful classes are held in Tyninghame Village Hall and she also offers home visits for one-to-one sessions. 

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