It’s the holiday season and if you’re travelling you might experience high levels of stress, cramped conditions and even bouts of nausea or headaches. So, whether you’re flying, travelling by car or train these Yoga asanas (poses) will help you unfold, unwind and ground yourself after a busy day of travelling.

Sit cross legged, close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath. Inhale for four, hold for four and exhale for four. Repeat and start to create a pattern of deep easy breathing. This technique offers immediate relief as it calms the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and activates your para sympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). You want to find balance so keep going until you notice a shift, in Yoga we call this Pranayamic breathing. 


Tadasana | Mountain Pose

Quietly come to standing at the top of your mat. Bring your feet together. Make sure you feel stable and bring your arms by your sides. Lift your toes up, spread them wide and ground them back down onto your mat. You want to feel the four corners of your feet. Hug your thigh muscles into your bones, draw them in and then engage your pelvic floor and core muscles. In Yoga, we call these Bandhas, we are essentially toning the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms by doing this. 

This pose is called Tadasana for a reason, so stand tall and strong! Then open your palms so they face forward, take your arms out and up and slowly start to bring your palms together over your head, look to your thumbs, relax your shoulders (you don’t want them by your ears!) and gaze whilst breathing. Really stretch, create space and length in your spine. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale bring your arms slowly back down by your sides. Repeat six times.

Uttanasana | Forward Fold 

Once you have repeated Tadasana six times you can start to forward fold. This is a lovely back, leg and shoulder stretch and opener. 

Go ahead and breathe into Tadasana and as you are bringing your arms down, start to forward fold from your hips. Keep your back straight, a little bend in your knees and see if you can either touch your toes or your shins. Keep your bandhas, diaphragms engaged and just allow your self to let go. Keep your feet firmly rooted down and perhaps just sway from side to side to bring a little fluidity to the pose. Keep breathing (super important folks!) .

When you are ready bring your hands to your hips, bend your knees a little deeper and slowly come to standing. You’ve been hanging down for a few breaths so really take it slowly.

Happy holidays. Namaste.