Extreme diets, extreme workouts, obsessive calorie counting, restrictions, rules, foods to avoids, yoga poses to conquer. We are constantly bombarded with extreme ideas of fitness and health everywhere we go. I asked expert fitness trainer Brian Dickson how we find the balance.

Trying to balance work, life, fitness, and eating well can feel impossible with limited hours in the day. Despite being aware of the surmounting research that regular exercise and healthy eating habits can actually reduce stress, improve your energy levels and work-life balance, it’s often the first thing we let go in our busy lives.

Personal trainer Brian Dickson explains “When I talk to people about fitness and health there always seems to be one extreme or the other. Finding the right balance is often not something practiced or understood, especially for beginners. But getting the balance correct between exercise, nutrition, work and recreation is the key to being successful for long-term health and fitness.”

With over 25 years experience as a lecturer in further education colleges and a fitness trainer in both the public and private sectors, Brian’s approach to health and fitness is one of balance. He set up Maximize Wellness, based at Craigielaw Golf Club in Aberlady, with this mantra in mind. Brian’s key aim is to address the varying imbalances in people’s lives in relation to wellness. “Exercise should be an integral part of our lives not a compensatory mechanism for any imbalances we may have in our life” Brian says “But many people are unsure about the type of activities they should be doing in order to achieve and maintain a level of fitness and wellness that they’re satisfied with.

Brian works with a diverse range of clients, from sports specific, weight loss, general fitness and rehabilitation cases, which means at Maximize Wellness they’ll  design exercise programmes which are specific to the needs of their clients. They support, motivate and monitor a client’s progress over a specific time frame, normally 12 to 14 weeks. 

So, whether your aim is to lose weight, tone up, improve your flexibility, get stronger, improve your stamina or just have some fun then Maximize Wellness can help you meet your goals. Their class programme offers the opportunity to achieve lasting change in your health, fitness and well-being. However if you prefer to exercise alone or in a smaller group, then individual or group personal training could be a better option. Brian is also on his way to completing a Holistic Lifestyle Coaches qualification and Golf Biomechanical Specialist qualification, and classes and one-to-one sessions will be available from March 2019.

Whichever route you choose, Maximize Wellness encourages clients to practice finding balance in fitness and health by teaching methods that clients can use, to build a long-term lifestyle which they can stick to without feeling like they are constantly having to compromise their happiness for health. Brian is quick to point out “To build a balanced approach often means that we don’t reach our goals as quickly as we would like. It’s about exercising appropriately rather than compulsively. It requires consistent work, patience, and learning to listen and trust your body.” 

So finding a good trainer that will help you discover strengths and weaknesses and be there for you in those times you want to quit or take the ‘easy” route is essential. And, with a balanced approach your new healthy lifestyle will become just that – a lifestyle.


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