Ballantine Goldie Optometrists welcome a new era of eye care with the arrival of the innovative Heidelberg Spectralis 4D eye scanner.

Ballantine Goldie Optometrists are a small independent optometrists based in Gullane. The practice first opened its doors in May 2011. Over the last seven years it has enjoyed rapid growth, having tested the eyes of over 3,500 East Lothian residents as well as a few from further afield.

With longer testing times and more of an emphasis on the long term health of the eyes the practice has recently purchased one of the most state-of-the-art eye scanners on the market. Optometrist Tracy Goldie explains “We have always prided ourselves on being the family optometrist taking the time to get to know you and your family’s eyes. We are absolutely delighted with the arrival of the innovative Heidelberg Spectralis 4D eye scanner. So respected are its capabilities there is an exact replica of our scanner on the international space station allowing the astronauts to monitor the health of their own eyes whilst in space.

The Spectralis 4D HD eye health check is much more than your standard eye examination. It employs the use of a high tech eye scanner to scan your eyes and look for very early signs of retinal disease. It takes detailed three dimensional images of the back of the eyes and allows opticians to monitor the health and detect any changes over time to as small as a 1/1000 of a millimetre.  Being able to scan in exactly the same point at every appointment makes the Spectralis unique and provides the fourth dimension of time. 

Tracy adds “Unfortunately having perfect vision does not mean you have healthy eyes. Your brain can fill in the blanks and you may not even notice any loss of sight.  Being able to pick up very early, tiny changes in your eyes is the key to preventing sight loss that might otherwise go undetected. By seeing these changes early we can refer you for the right treatment at the right time.”

With the entire scanning process taking only three to five minutes it is a very quick examination.Using an invisible, safe light beam to scan the eyes there is no bright flash and the entire process is more comfortable.


If you would like the opportunity to have a Spectralis 4D HD eye examination please call us on 01620 842383 to arrange an appointment or request further information. This check can be done at the same time as your routine NHS eye examination or as a separate eye health check. We welcome both new and existing patients to the practice and look forward to seeing you.
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