Bernie Petrie tells us the end of summer is the perfect time to embrace new things and rediscover forgotten parts of ourselves.

It is August – the month we never want to stop. Is it me or does August go by too quickly? Perhaps it’s because there is so much to do here in Edinburgh and the Lothians with the world-renowned Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe and North Berwick’s very own Fringe By The Sea. Or maybe it’s because you head away before the clock ticks down to the restart of school.

Growing up in Northern Ireland I had the entire month of August off and I think it’s taken 14 years of having my own children at school, not to feel short-changed as they head back to school mid-August. I now give myself permission to let those last two weeks continue to feel like summer by letting summer stay in my bones even though the children are back at school. You can do this by embracing the outdoors and savouring the sun when it does shine and encourage your children to do the same.

I am then able to get excited about September and new beginnings. The sun that shines without the pressure of expectation, the new colours that catch our eye as the leaves start to turn and the shift in energy which seems to bring a new thirst. This is the perfect time to create and embark on new projects – to be open to new opportunities and allow ourselves to remember something else about ourselves.

We are creative beings and should give ourselves permission to embrace new things and rediscover forgotten parts of ourselves each and every year. Our perspective can be broadened again and again. Author, Neale Donald Walsch expressed it well: “Our perspective will create our perception, our perception will create our belief, our belief will create our behaviour, our behaviour will create our experience, and our experience will create our reality.”

The end of summer and beginning of autumn should be a time when you are willing to shift your focus. Focus on what you love about each month (come on, it is Scotland after all!) and on the unique parts of yourself. Take the pressure off, by allowing yourself (and the weather for that matter) to just be. Use this time to give up the desire to be perfect and allow yourself to try new things without expectation. Embrace your inner child and rediscover a part of you that has long been ignored.

It is never too late to embark on new things, to rediscover or reclaim creative parts of ourselves. You may be surprised at the clarity you achieve about what you want from life when you open yourself up to new beginnings. Allow your curiosity to guide you and just like a child starting nursery for the very first time, why not give yourself permission to learn through playing with new experiences?

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