Be proactive and be more in control of your oral health, and you’ll live a healthier, happier life.

This is the philosophy of Jenny Wylie, the new dentist at Gullane Dental Practice, located at Rosebery Place on the village’s main road. Jenny started at the clinic in May, returning to East Lothian having gained a wealth of experience working in private practice in the south of England.

“Prevention of all dental disease is paramount at our practice. A healthy mouth and teeth have an extremely important impact on your overall health and well-being, not to mention your smile. More and more, there is evidence proving that oral health is linked to your general health.”

“My colleagues and I take pride in giving you the information and skills you need to keep your oral health the best it can be. Regular attendance for your dental examination coupled with routine daily home care is the key to prevention, helping to keep your mouth free from disease and pain.” Jenny says.

Indeed checks to assess for dental decay, cavities, gum disease and oral cancer are carried out at every examination at Gullane Dental Practice. Incredibly, over 47% of adults have gum disease or periodontal disease – to give it its professional description. It’s therefore important to take special care with gums, ultimately helping prevent long-term tooth loss caused by undetected or untreated disease.

Appropriate home care techniques are paramount in the prevention of gum disease. The team at Gullane take time to explain the best techniques, offering advice and treatment tailored to suit the personal needs of each patient. This helps eliminate unhealthy gums and dental decay for good.

Calm and reassuring

Jenny’s childhood fascination with dentistry led her to Dundee Dental School, which was followed by post-graduate hospital training at King’s College in London. Here her dedication saw her quickly gain MFDS, the esteemed dental fellowship.

Her extensive training and experience has given Jenny a calm and reassuring approach, putting her patients at ease. And she makes sure she puts her patients first: “I have a very keen interest in minimal intervention dentistry, where possible avoiding the use of drilling and using adhesive techniques. I believe in taking all the time necessary to ensure my patients receive the care that’s best for them individually.”
However, when problems are not so straightforward
Jenny can draw on her advanced training in London where she worked alongside leading consultants and, over time, dealt with increasingly complex cases. “With new techniques and technologies, it’s incredible how far dentistry has come on in recent years. There are now so many simple and non-invasive ways to improve your teeth, and your smile.”

Jenny is qualified to prescribe the Inman Aligner Orthodontic System which makes simple tooth movements. You can see a significant difference to your tooth alignment in just six to eight weeks.

Botox procedures for both medical and cosmetic purposes have seen incredible growth in the UK over recent years. Jenny is certified to administer Botox using very fine needles that help reduce wrinkle lines. It can also be used in the treatment of migraine.

Jenny works alongside well-known dentist Sarah Thomson. Both are supported by a professional and
dedicated team that includes hygienist Ann Davidson, who plays a major role in the prevention of gum disease, dedicated nurses Debbie, Lesley and
Caroline, Practice Manager Lisa, and Receptionist Susan. All are committed to dental excellence and are delighted to discuss the individual needs of their patients, whether it’s basic tips and techniques or more complex requirements.

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