Juice fasts, detoxes, bootcamps are all buzz words that have taken the dieting and fitness industry by storm over the past few years, yet they are words that instil fear into many. I spoke with top nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to find out if these words really are as scary as they sound.

was invited to meet celebrity nutritionist Amanda Hamilton at a local cafe for a chat about her upcoming Detox Fit Bootcamp. Described by The Times as the “queen of the detox scene”, I was nervous to meet her, to say the least. Would I be left shamefully cradling my caffeine-heavy flat white, whilst she sipped delicately at a cup of herb-infused water? My fears were quickly allayed as Amanda tucked in to her own flat white, with gusto!

It’s exactly this attitude and sensible approach to nutrition that has seen Amanda become one of the UK’s most acclaimed nutritionists with a career spanning over 15 years. She has a number of best-selling books and has set up health retreats and detox programmes across the world. This September, Amanda will be running her Detox Fit Bootcamp at the Marine Hotel in North Berwick. “I use the word ‘detox’ because I have to,” Amanda explains “But really, it’s about a kick-start, it’s about helping what your body does naturally. Juicing is a form of fasting, a health protocol now widely supported in science with proven benefits to the body such as lowering inflammation and supporting longevity. Performing a juice fast boosts the body’s natural detoxification process, replenishing stores of nutrients and allowing the body to boost functioning by lightening the toxic load. Giving your body a rest, a chance to relax and catch up.”

With both residential and non-residential options, the break is based around juice cleansing to optimise nutrients; yoga and outdoor exercise including workouts on the beach; spa time and expert seminars. Designed to teach healthier ways to eat and exercise, each person receives a tailored programme which helps shift weight safely and offers a chance for the body to heal from within, often with a dramatic effect on health markers such as inflammation, cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity.

“With my business I spend so much time away but there’s simply no place like home, which is why I’m excited to be offering this in North Berwick”, comments Amanda. “Plus there is a great network of local personal trainers and therapists who we can involve as well.” One such person is ViPR instructor, Colin McDonald, whose highly effective and fun techniques not only build confidence but also bridge the gap between strength and movement training.

It’s not only about the four days though. Guests receive follow-up advice and menu plans to help maintain the benefits longer term. Amanda explains “Our approach has to be ‘flexitarian’, we all have busy lives. I am a working mum and I don’t have time to juice at home, nor do most of my clients. We personalise all our programmes to ensure they’re practical but with the maximum benefits.” And with benefits such as returning home pounds lighter, energised, deeply rested with glowing skin and sparkling eyes, the three words ‘Detox Fit Bootcamp’, suddenly seem a whole lot less scary!

Marine Hotel, 21 – 24 September | www.amandahamilton.com | e:info@amandahamilton.com