It’s a new year and a powerful time to sit down and evaluate what’s important to us. Our health is everything, and I hope it is at the top of your list. In Ayurveda, we place huge importance on the strength and health of our digestive fire, and when it is functioning optimally, we are ultimately well. During the winter months and especially over the Christmas period, overindulging can literally ‘put out’ our digestive fire, which is why we can feel sluggish, congested, lack energy, and often put on weight. Now is a prime time to start an Ayurvedic cleanse, and simple routines such as drinking a mug of hot water as soon as you wake can help. Routines are important in Ayurveda; they keep us occupied and focused. Early morning Yoga can be hugely beneficial, or a lovely evening Yoga stretch can help with sleep and insomnia. Here are two Yoga poses to help cleanse the system and get your energy flowing again.