… yet sadly, chores still need be done and our homes still need to be looked after. Morag Readman, owner of the East Lothian franchise of Bright & Beautiful shares her top tips.

As our homes continue to be multi-functional spaces, many of us have added home office or entertainment features to our gardens and this investment will benefit from regular cleaning. Sweep and mop floors, remove cobwebs and dust, wipe away stains to make the most of your summer garden.

Coming indoors, the entrance areas are your home’s first line of defence against mud and sand. Encourage the family to take off shoes – or at least wipe their feet, and wash mucky dog paws. Shoe racks, doormats and towels come in handy here. Regular vacuuming and mopping will keep your floors fresh and welcoming.

Deep dive into a sofa at this time of year and you may find sand, snack crumbs and pet hair. Soft furnishings can be regularly vacuumed and this is the ideal time of year to launder cushions and throws.

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