Your brand is more than your logo and font choices, it’s how your business interacts with its clients. How those clients perceive you and your business but, more importantly, it’s what distinguishes you from everyone else. It’s what sets you apart from your competitor.

Every business has a story behind it – the reason you set up in the first place, how you do what you do, and why you do it. Use your story to stand out from the crowd and connect with your ideal customer or client. 

When you’re starting out or emerging from a global pandemic, you probably won’t have the budget to spend on a set of professional brand photos. Stock photo libraries, such as Canva have lots of images you can use, although you might have to spend some time searching for the right ones. Post regularly and authentically on social media – you want potential clients to engage with you, so be honest with them.

Another tip is to improve the photos you take yourself:

Seems too simple, right? But if you’re using your phone, the camera will get grubby by being in your hand or bag all the time. Clean it and you will get brighter, sharper images immediately. Also clean the area you are photographing – the surface, the background and the product itself. 

A white or mid-tone grey wall works best or table if you are doing flat lays. If you have items in the background that you can’t declutter, blur them out as much as possible by choosing a wide open aperture if shooting manual, or portrait mode if using your phone. 

This is so important. Find a window and use the light from there. Natural light is an even, flattering light and will show your products in the right colours. If you don’t have an area inside with the right backdrop and light then head outdoors to a shady spot in the garden. Generally it’s best to avoid direct sun light as it can be too harsh and creates heavy shadows. 

Close-in crops always look better than wide angles. 

Your followers love to get a glimpse into your business and see how it works. Having lovely, natural, eye-catching images that engage with your ideal client will stop the scroll, which leads to more followers, more interactions and ultimately more sales. 



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