Covid-19 might make us rethink how and what we shop for, particularly when it comes to the basics. Bread-making always sounds like hard work with all the kneading and proving required. But what if I told you this loaf takes literally two minutes and there’s no kneading either? As with all my recipes you can replace herbs and seeds and flavour with other things that you fancy but the beauty of this soda bread is that it’s simple!


170 grams spelt flour
170 grams rye flour
One large tub buttermilk
One teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
Salt and pepper to taste
One teaspoon of caraway seeds
One teaspoon of your favourite dried herb
A handful of chopped nuts


This is the simplest bread ever with no kneading at all. Mix all the dry ingredients together. Add the buttermilk and mix together (it might be a bit sticky but that’s part of the fun!). Place bread on a floured tray and shape. Put in the oven 200ºC fan assisted for 30 minutes or when you tap it, it sounds hollow.

Eat! Try not to finish it all though before anybody else has a chance! It really is that simple.

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