It’s a new year, a time where we take stock of our previous years experiences and reflect on how we can move forward, grow and potentially manifest a more nourishing, abundant and authentic life for ourselves. This is such an exciting time! Yoga is a wonderful way to take time out of our busy lives and find peace within ourselves through the practice. The practice helps us create space so we can gain self awareness and hopefully a happier, healthier self. If you’re new to Yoga – don’t worry – read on and take the first step.


Balasana | Child’s Pose  

This is a gentle stretching pose however, a lot is going on so it’s great for new beginnings.

Come to kneeling on your yoga mat and you can either keep your knees together or you can take your knees wide with your big toes touching. Gently bow forward bringing your head forward onto your mat, you can rest your forehead on a prop, use your forearms to create a pillow or bring your arms by the sides of your body. Start to create deep rhythmic breathing by inhaling slowly though your nose and exhaling equally through your mouth, smile, breathe and allow the pose to work it’s magic. 

This is a wonderful calming pose, great for your digestion, stretching your back and thighs and opening your hips. Stay resting for three minutes.

Purvottanasna | Upward Facing Plank

Slowly sit up and extend your legs out in front of you, come to Dandasna, Staff Pose. 

Bring your hands behind your buttocks with your fingers pointing towards your toes. Now take your hands another hands-length back so they are directly under your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide, point your toes and either take your head slowly back, lifting up through your chest with your arms straight or you can press the soles of your feet into your mat, engage your core and lift your whole body up off your mat, taking your head back. Be careful of your neck and wrists. If your neck or wrists feel uncomfortable, please take the softer version and tuck your chin into your chest. 

This is a great pose for strengthening your arms, legs and core and stretching and opening your neck, chest, heart chakra, shoulders and front of your ankles.