We speak to Keith Thomson, principal dentist and practice owner, and the implant dentist for North Berwick and Gullane Dental Practices.

Keith has vast experience in implants, following completion of a Masters Degree, in addition to further training in the treatment of complex dental problems including tooth wear and cosmetic treatments. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth using titanium structures secured into your mouth. Commonly a single implant is placed to fill a single tooth gap or several implants can be placed to support bridgework allowing you to chew and smile once again with confidence.

I currently wear dentures would implants be better?

There are common problems for many denture wearers. Often patients find they can not eat or speak as well as they did when had their own natural teeth. Dentures can feel loose and food becomes trapped below them after eating. Some wearers suffer from denture ulcers, but put up with the pain. Dental implants placed in the bone fix the denture teeth in place, stopping movement and eliminating looseness. The benefits are undoubtedly being able to chew foods you have desired for some time with confidence. And, no more taking teeth out overnight. 

How is an implant placed?

Following careful planning, x-rays and scans all implant work is carried out in our North Berwick surgery. Depending on the number of implants being placed the surgical treatment, under local anaesthetic, takes no longer than one to three hours. Healing, during which time the implant and bone integrate, is followed by the placement of a crown, bridge or denture on top. Sedation for implant surgery can also be arranged. 

Is it sore?

Surgery isn’t sore as the mouth is numbed for the procedure. Previous patients have frequently reported that, surprisingly, there is often only minimal discomfort for a day or two after surgery, which is very easily controlled by painkillers. 

How much does an implant cost ?

An implant and crown to replace a single missing tooth is from £2,200. This includes consultation and assessment, x-rays, surgery, implant components and technician fees and will usually involve four to five appointments. There are also finance options available.

What’s the first step?

Contact North Berwick Dental Centre (t: 01620 892267) for more information and to make an appointment to discuss with Keith which options are best suitable for you and your mouth.


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