Earth matters and Bernie Rowen-Ross urges us to slow down and think more deeply about the simple things in life and really listen.

In previous articles, I have written about sound, and alluded to its healing properties. Today I was walking to the beach and I was so happy experiencing silence. It is often in those quiet moments that we get our greatest inspiration. Personally, I could not imagine living under Heathrow airports’ flight path. I even  get frustrated at the small planes that fly over Gullane on a peaceful sunny afternoon, just when we could be enjoying the quiet, only to hear the drone of a small aircraft; yet they are no doubt enjoying the scenery from above. Don’t get me wrong – sound, in some forms, is healing. I use drumming in my shamanic work to attune all areas of the brain. As practising holistic physician Dr Northrup says; ‘When the left and right hemispheres of the brain are in sync, that is when intuition manifests.’

We are all intuitive to some extent, but life is much easier when our intuition is sharp and accurate, and it saves hours of frustration when we ‘go with our gut’ or ‘follow a hunch’. 

If you can, the following exercise is very helpful to attune your hearing and appreciation of silence. Go into a forest, and sit against the trunk of a tree, then just keep quiet. Listen to the closest sound, then one a little further away, close your eyes, and see how much sound there is in a quiet forest. Sit and listen for at least 20 minutes. The last time I did this exercise I heard a woodpecker, many other birds, some little scratchy noises and leaves rustling in the breeze. A dog barking in the distance and then a tractor close by. But the woodpecker was certainly the first sound I took away with me, and this was followed by the birdsong.

As you are reading this, it could be in the hairdresser, at home or in the train, just listen, and see what you hear. 

Sound heals. I recall after presenting a Gong Bath in the spiegeltent at this year’s Fringe by the Sea, a woman came to me and said, “I have felt a shift in my aching back!” Another person was utterly amazed at the variety of sounds a Gong can make. This is the essence of the subtlety of sound healing – we probably cannot predict the outcome and we may not even be able to pin-point exactly why we feel uplifted, more relaxed and more in tune. But what we do know, is that the right sound, in all its different forms can heal, and so can silence!

Bernie Rowen-Ross is a Psychotherapist, Sound Healer and Astrologer, she works from THE BAREFOOT SANCTUARY
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