The sooner children begin getting regular dental check-ups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives.our smile starts with daily brushing and flossing and regular dentist checkups.

Family friendly and long-established North Berwick and Gullane Dental Practices take great pride in looking after their young patients. The team have vast experience working with younger and older children, and understand that different age groups require different dental management. And by focusing on preventative dentistry they help keep their patients teeth healthy, no matter what their age.

Paramount for younger attendees is providing a fun, relaxed and informative visit – the building blocks to a happy relationship with the practice and dentist, which will continue to grow over the years.  At the same time, staff are able to show and discuss with parents and carers, the best way to incorporate a good daily routine for tooth and mouth care at home. Being a diligent and happy brusher from a young age sets a child up with a strong dentition to last them a lifetime. Dentist Sarah Thomson explains; “We welcome parents to pop in, or call reception if they have any concerns about bringing children along. We understand not every child will cope well initially, however frequent short visits  will allow a child to become familiar with the dental environment and any concerns will hopefully soon pass. 

Regular attendance allows children to gain confidence over a period of time, recognising what to expect and hear, and more importantly, build trust with their clinician. This is a hugely important time and this, along with attending their parents appointments too, allows children to witness treatment first hand and can help allay fears further down the line should they need any work from the dentist themselves. Where as bringing children to the surgery, only when in pain, can unfortunately be difficult for all. Regularly monitoring a child’s dentition allows dentists to decide when the time is right to seek the advice of the orthodontist about any relevant bracework. Advice on brushing and flossing is delivered to teenagers, as well as keeping an eye on potential wisdom tooth issues. 

The North Berwick and Gullane teams advocate children use electric toothbrushes everyday to keep away plaque from all the surfaces of their teeth. The simple key points to keeping your child’s mouth and teeth healthy are: daily brushing twice a day for two minutes with a fluoride paste (suitable dose for their age group), spitting the paste out after brushing – no rinsing, supervised brushing until age 10 and reduced amounts and frequency of sugary snacks and juices – only ever at mealtimes. Plus, of course, regular and happy visits to the dentist!


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