There’s a new dog in town. A discerning dog, strutting his stuff wearing a Harris tweed collar and a Liberty leash. Meeting his pals for a frozen yoghurt and a chat. The pet shop on North Berwick’s High Street has reopened and provides a one-stop-shop for the discerning mutt (and other creatures)-about-town!

If dogs could design a pet shop, it would probably look a lot like Barker & Bone. This charming pet store on North Berwick’s high street has recently reopened after undergoing an extensive refurbishment. NB Pets has been a familiar face in North Berwick for 36 years. But when former owners Bob and Ali decided to retire, they were keen the shop remain a going concern. There was a loyal customer base and they did not want to leave them with out a pet shop in town. 

One such customer, was stay-at-home Mum Bev Gilhooley. Like Bob and Ali, she recognised the benefits of shopping for premium products in local, independent pet shops. She was ready to return to work, ready for new challenges, so in August of this year, re-opened NB Pets as Barker & Bone. Bev explains; “As pet owners, we want the very best for our furry family members. From the food they eat to the toys they play with, quality is what we look for when buying for our pets. Pet supplies are becoming more readily available through online vendors, but I think, more and more of us want to shop locally and recognise the benefits of shopping for quality products on our high street.

Barker & Bone offers everything the former pet shop did, but stock has been beautifully curated with the discerning pet and pet-owner in mind. By removing the centre aisles, the store appears far more spacious – room for doggy friends to meet up! Alongside the bags of dog feed such as Canagan, Growling Tums and Innocent Hound, there are stylish containers offering canine cookies and other treats. Barker & Bone has increased the standard in dog accessories – good quality products and dog accessories and, where possible, made in Britain. From Red Dingo tags to Perfect Fit harnesses, to the simply gorgeous Toozy Betsy handmade textiles. Think Harris tweed collars, Liberty leads and corsages, and you get the idea. There’s Dogrobes and Orbiloc dog safety lights. With the stunning Danish-designed dog beds and dog bowls, you can also treat your pooch to a home upgrade that everyone will benefit from. And the highlight of any dog’s visit – Frozzy’s icecream. This is a healthy low fat, lactose free frozen yoghurt for dogs. Bev laughs; “The frozzy’s dog ice creams have been extremely popular with the warm weather. Customers are sending me the most gorgeous photos of their dogs licking the icecream from the containers.”

But it’s not all about dogs, there’s also a great choice for our feline friends, birds and other small animals. Plus Bev still stocks wild bird feed, which is incredibly popular all year round.

Shopping at an independent pet shop is so much more than simply picking up a bag of dog food or a toy for your cat. And, this is something Barker & Bone are keen to continue. Customer (both two and four legged) service is top priority and catered to you and the products you are looking for. Barker & Bone also offer free local delivery and in line with their eco-credentials, delivery is by a guilt-free electric vehicle. At Barker & Bone they understand that your pet is a part of your family and should be treated accordingly, so you’ll receive high quality service and products all centred around you and your pet.


47 High St, North Berwick EH39 4HH