Autumn is a season of transition and we’re all likely to feel a little unsettled by the global chaos going on around us at the moment! Find a little oasis of calm on your high street and, in buying from local shops, peace of mind that you are making a difference in your community. For independent, industrious and inspired founders, makers and artists – the ripple effect of spending a £1 in a small business is huge!

1. Ailey Mae’s Raw Chocolate hand-crafted, small batch, unroasted, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, seriously delicious, melt in the mouth chocolate.

2. Geo Luna by jeweller Lynn Taylor, are handmade wearable sculptures, geometric jewellery with deep symbolic meaning and crystal healing energies.

3. Bernadette Petrie of the Barefoot Sanctuary, is the author of ‘Permission to Shine’ and intention card set, helping you to step into your light.

4. Kate George and Julie McGuire created ‘Inbetween Your Warrior Guide’. This book is a treasure chest of ideas, about connecting to your resilience and inner strength in a creative and playful way.

5. Alison Gibb a recent visitor to the Dragons’ Den, is the creator of The Interior Design Toolkit that helps you decorate and style your home successfully.

6. Kate Lancaster is a surface pattern designer inspired by the everyday changes in nature, which comes through in her fabric and print work.

7. Emma Gilvear of Moo + Boo creates modern merino wool wall-hangings, weavings and arm knits in seasonal colours.

8. Julies’ Jams is small-batch homemade jam, made by the multi-talented Julie Seago. Her Chilli Jam is a family essential.

9. Laura Thomas is a designer and candlemaker, making pure soy wax Scottish coastal scented candles in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

10. Kate Millbank is a printmaker and designer inspired by the coastal landscape, working primarily in the medium of lino printing and birch ply.


all available from
NØRDEN | 82 High St, North Berwick | NORDEN.ONLINE