Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. And, of course, taking care of your smile starts with daily brushing and flossing and regular dentist checkups.

Regular dental visits do more than keep your smile attractive – they also tell dentists a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be at risk from chronic disease. In fact, research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole. For example, when your mouth is healthy, chances are your overall health is good, too. On the other hand, if you have poor oral health, this may be an early sign of other health issues.

At Gullane Dental Practice and North Berwick Dental Centre, owned by dentists Keith and Sarah Thomson, prevention of all dental disease is paramount. Sarah says; “My colleagues and I believe in giving our patients individual prevention advice and mouth care skills they need to help keep their oral health the best it can possibly be. Regular visits to the dentist, coupled with daily home care is the key to prevention and helps keep your mouth free from disease and pain. 

A long-standing and experienced team of professionals work at both practices and have built their reputation on giving patients the perfect and pain free smile, alongside excellent customer service. At the North Berwick Dental Centre, Keith works with dentists, Crawford Elrick and Ceire Blair, and at the nearby Gullane Dental Practice are Sarah and Jenny Wylie. Both teams are supported by hygienist Ann Davidson, who plays a major role in the prevention of gum disease. The clinicians work alongside a skilled and dedicated team of dental nurses, practice manager and receptionists who are on hand to ensure the best possible treatment, information and service. They pride themselves on their open door policy; “Come in and chat to us. If you’ve any questions, dental anxiety or you’re suffering with pain or discomfort, we are here and happy to help.

The warm welcoming atmosphere is extended into the relaxed and calm surgery environment where checks to assess for dental decay, cavities, gum disease and oral cancer are carried out at every examination. Incredibly, over 47% of adults have gum disease or periodontal disease – to give it its professional name. It’s therefore especially important to take care with your gums, ultimately helping to prevent long-term tooth loss caused by undetected or untreated disease. Appropriate home care techniques are key to both the prevention of gum disease and keeping your mouth healthy. The team at North Berwick and Gullane take time to listen to all their patients, find out what they’re looking for from their visit, what they would like to achieve and how they would like to feel. They can then explain the best techniques, offering advice and treatment tailored to suit the personal needs of each patient and their mouths. Along with routine and complex dental treatments, the practices offer cosmetic treatment including: dental implants, adult orthodontics – using the Inman Aligner Orthodontic System, tooth whitening, crowns, veneers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

With the latest technology and ongoing training, teams at both practices are committed to dental excellence and are delighted to discuss a patient’s individual needs, from basic tips and techniques to more complex requirements, to ensure a healthy and perfect smile.


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