Earth matters and Bernie Rowen-Ross urges us to slow down and think more deeply about the simple things in life – such as a walk in nature.

As I write, my back is warmed by the sun, I hear the birdsong and all is well in my world. I’ve just returned from an evening walk, and with the memory of the different hues of green and the exciting colours of flowers in various gardens and fields, I empathise with the birds, as I too, feel like bursting into song.

So, why do you feel better after a walk in nature?  Research suggests that as we walk in nature and ‘touch the earth’ we are able to change the way our brain works. This is because most of us are in some way or another attached to technology for many hours a day – our computers and mobile phones are the great attachments of our lives.

When we leave the artificial surrounds of technology and walk in nature something magical happens, we connect to more basic stimulation than technology. The way nature presents itself to us, enables the brain to form new neural pathways which are more wholesome than if we are watching a screen or being distracted by technology. Walking on the earth is an act of nurture to the spirit. Our spirits are lifted by being connected to the energy of Mother Earth.

Think about what it is like to walk through the city – linked to earphones, walking on hard cement pavements, dodging traffic or watching for the little green man to tell us we can cross the road. As you clutch a phone, you might not notice where you’re walking. We do not appreciate what surrounds us – we try and block out traffic noise with more noise. Imagine for a moment what this scene is doing to our senses. Our nerves are jangled by the constant sound and we’re totally unaware of the radiation which comes from the phone and we live in a virtual realm.

Take a deep breath and mentally, just for a moment, walk outside – hear the birds, the song of a blackbird melodious and cheerful. Mentally walk on a beach, or in a forest – feel what it is like and while doing so, promise yourself that at the first opportunity you will experience the beauty of our surroundings every day, or at least three times a week, walking in nature. Taking deep breaths of fresh air, thank the trees for all the work they do cleansing our air, respect the ground that you walk on, knowing that you are healing your spirit, feeling the fresh air on your cheeks and the warm sun on your face. 

When walking in nature, consciously, you are soothing your mind, changing how your brain processes information by calming the mind and enriching your mental health and well-being. So, celebrate summer in East Lothian – it is a beautiful time of year.

Bernie Rowen-Ross is a Psychotherapist, Sound Healer and Astrologer, she works from THE BAREFOOT SANCTUARY
45 Melbourne Place, North Berwick | t: 01620 844 321