Everybody knows that natural ingredients are far better for us, but why aren’t skincare and haircare products all natural?

Nine years ago, founder of the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company Tommy Crooks, asking himself that very question decided to do something about it. Sitting at his family kitchen table, inspired by the beautiful natural scenery of East Lothian where he lives, he began to craft an all-natural bar of soap with one mission in mind – to have no nasties, no artificial ingredients, and only the purest, most sensorially pleasing, quality natural elements.

Late nights and early morning finishes followed, to ensure he had the product perfectly right. One evening after putting his one-year-old son to bed, he had a eureka moment, and created their first ever all natural product. It was beautiful – entirely natural, a perfectly balanced skin cleanser and it smelled divine. 

Tommy explains; “Soon after that I was taking my cold processed, all natural soaps to countless craft fairs and local events. I can’t remember the number of church coffee mornings I attended! It seemed like everyone who tried my soaps loved them and people just couldn’t get enough, often asking me what other natural products we had in store for the future.

Today, the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company employs seven East Lothian locals and their studio in Prestonpans has become an aromatic wonderland where, every day, the air is filled with the scents of the essential oils used in each of their creations. And natural means natural! There are no petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) present in any of their products and what’s more they do not use single-use plastics. Their range of skincare products can be found at Edinburgh Airport, the Dunbar Garden Centre, in their Edinburgh store and online from their website. Plus they deliver globally to customers in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, Kazkatstan and across the UAE. Tommy says; “We now deliver across the world but I see East Lothian as being crucial to our success. I know first-hand that it’s the best part of Scotland to live in, it’s where my son was born and has the most welcoming people anywhere in this beautiful country of ours.

Their store at on Cockburn Street in Edinburgh, is a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists, but for Tommy, this is just the beginning. The next step is the launch of a second store on Victoria Street in June. And brimming with exquisite all-natural skin and hair care products, which ever of the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company stores you visit, it will be a treat for the senses. 

Tommy says it’s hard to pick favourites, but one of the company’s proudest creations is their luxury range of solid hand cream bars. Delivering a unique way to provide hands with care, protection and gentle restoration whilst on the go, these products have a clear benefit above all other hand creams. The solid design means they beat the no liquid ban on flights and conveniently can be taken anywhere.  

Tommy adds; “Hearing my customers’ experiences has made all the hard work worthwhile and everyday I try to show my son that hard word and passion can culminate in a flourishing business. I like to think of my journey as an East Lothian success story that’s not out yet and as a thank you for all the East Lothian friends and neighbours who have helped us get there, I’m offering readers a 10% online discount. So you can treat yourself or someone you love to something really special.” 

57 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BS