Bernadette Petrie tells us to let go of labels and be the real you.

Last issue I wrote about embracing all parts of you, but there are parts of our identity that we need to be willing to let go, so the real us can emerge. They are the labels that we dress ourselves in. For me, it could be life coach, writer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, daughter, Northern Irish woman. In my past, I’ve had labels including; a Catholic, Irish, social work student, sales rep, sales manager, sales director. Although none of these labels can ever truly be enough, they pigeon hole us – they label us and with labels our real identity gets covered up. 

From the moment of birth the seeds of our uniqueness, the seed of our great essence is already firmly planted deep inside our soul. Because of this, together with your unique human experiences, no one can show up the way you can. These experiences are essential so you can show up – fully, wholly, completely, imperfectly. If you have ever seen someone truly be themselves, embracing all of who they are, you can genuinely feel it – it’s easy to watch them, it’s easy to be around them. Our inner guidance feeds back to us that this is genuine, this is real. When someone tries to copy someone else or imitate their way, therefore hiding their true self, we instantly feel it, through the same feedback – it just feels off.

We all have our unique parts and the important thing to realise is, in this life, no understudy will do. No one can play us authentically, so if we don’t play the part we came here to play, it simply can’t happen. Please don’t underestimate the importance of being you – the way only you smile, the way only you laugh, the way only you frown, the way you light up when you do the things you love – when you connect with people in your unique way. And this world really does need you to show up – wholly, fully, imperfectly in the way only you can.

You do this by letting go of labels and by by peeling off the layers of imitation, by letting go of who you think you should be. You need to let go of thoughts such as: ‘I should’, ‘they will think I’m’ and ‘if only I could be like’. It really is up to you to be you! 

Do you really believe that a mistake has been made in your creation? Do you really think that you have not been given the innate gifts and the exact human experiences necessary for your adventure? I’m not talking about an easy life, I’m talking about your human adventure. You need to reclaim your power by letting go of comparisons and letting go of doubt. We can show up as who we truly are – all we have to do is to stop trying to be who we are not, and let our divine essence shine through.

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