Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have proved that ripped abs and a killer golf game go hand-in-hand. Now, everyone from PGA pros to weekend hackers knows that in order to lower your handicap, you need to get in shape.

Golf is a physical sport that puts a significant strain on the body. To perform at your maximum potential on the golf course you must have sufficient fitness, strength and flexibility. But you can’t just do any workout. You need to specifically target the muscles you use on the course while recreating the way you use them. That’s why Maximize Wellness founder and expert fitness trainer, Brian Dickson has developed Fit for Golf.

Brian who has over 25 years experience as a lecturer in further education colleges and a fitness trainer in both the public and private sectors, has recently completed a Golf Biomechanical Specialist qualification. Based at Craigielaw Golf Club in Aberlady, Brian’s key aim, in his one hour Fit for Golf classes, is to help golfers become aware of the tight muscles and poor biomechanics which will be impacting both their golf swing and score. 

You make upwards of 40 full swings during a round of golf – extremely complex movements using pretty much every muscle and joint in your body. So any niggling weakness will prevent full commitment to the shot and, likely, contribute to an unsatisfactory result. Which is why, it is so important to firstly identify any problem areas.

Once the problem areas have been identified Brian works with clients on improving  the four key areas of golf fitness; flexibility, stability, strength and power. It’s incredibly important that joints particularly the ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders and wrists are flexible for golf. Good stability and balance is also essential, as building a more stable base, helps you control your swing and leads to better consistency. Brian explains “The golfer hits the shot not the club. So by improving posture especially at address and throughout the golf swing you should experience better performance and less discomfort during your round and after.

To increase club-head speed you need to swing the club faster, which means improving your power is equally as important as flexibility, strength and stability. Brian adds “Most of us experience the loss of distance and consistency in our golf due to tight muscles, poor posture, poor strength and power. My Fit for Golf programme aims to address these issues. Prolonging your golf into later life and improving your overall performance.

As, Gary Player, who is widely considered one of the greatest golfers ever, once said ‘The more I practice the luckier I get’. Apply this principle to your fitness and you’ll experience the benefits in your golf game!

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