Bernie Rowen-Ross explains why understanding the characteristics and sound of each planet can help with healing and influence our own energy potential and inner peace.

During the period 1979 to 1989, the spaceship Voyager 2 flew past Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. Using specialised equipment Voyager 2 recorded the sounds that these planets emitted. Saturns’ sound emissions are below the human range, so cannot he heard. However, when the scientists transformed the data into music, we were able to listen to the deep undulating sounds.

The question we need to ask is, are these sounds healing? The short answer is yes. Sound has been used to heal for centuries: Shamans of all cultures used music to treat ailments and to alter states of consciousness. External rhythms can shift heart rate, respiration and brain waves. A phonon is a quantum of energy or a quasi-particle associated with a compressional wave such as sound or a vibration of a crystal lattice. We know that a long-wavelength phonon is acoustic. These phonons can reach further into a cell than electromagnetic energy, and therefore increases the potential for sound healing.

Sound talks to us in different ways. The sound of the Saturn gong, for example, may well give us the feeling that we need to be contained, put down boundaries or use more self-discipline. The sound of Mars could call us to be aggressive or active, as Mars is full of energy and heat, and it may just give an exhausted person the energy they need to get them going again. The Mercury sound will enable more precise communication. The moon is about femininity, mother love and deep healing on an emotional level. The energy and tone of the Sun is about the self and how to express yourself. Neptune is spiritual and dreamy, creative and idealistic. Uranus is about sudden change, unique life experience and unusual charisma. Pluto is all about transformation, recycling from old to new, from the past into the reality of the present. The Earth gong has deep, beautiful, resonance; is sometimes mournful, and often uplifting and deeply relaxing.

I believe that with the sound of Jupiter we can increase our feelings of expansiveness, philosophy,  generosity, and good humour. Jupiter embodies the qualities of kindness, and higher learning. Optimism is the key word. The Jupiter gong sound is deeply relaxing, optimistic and surrounds you with a feeling of being held. Venus as a planet is more evident to the naked eye; she is known as the Goddess of love and also has a love of beauty. She is the Goddess who guides us to understand what gives us pleasure, and she enhances our creative process. The Venus gong is a lighter sound than Jupiter. 

Because we now have more of an idea of what the planets say, we use this in sound healing. There are gongs manufactured, by hand, which are tuned to the planets’ resonance and it is a great experience to relax into the sound of the planets – a healing journey that will take you to places that you have never imagined.

Bernie Rowen-Ross is a Psychotherapist, Sound Healer and Astrologer, she works from THE BAREFOOT SANCTUARY
45 Melbourne Place, North Berwick | t: 01620 844 321