12.3 billion pounds is the cost to the UK economy annually for back pain alone, and up to 50% of the population suffer from chronic pain. Nicky Kirk, Doctor of Chiropractic, explains the reasons why it is so important to stay healthy.

Ten years ago I visited North Berwick, like many, for a day trip. Little did I realise that I would return with my wife and two small boys in tow and make the town my home. Not only that, but I would be setting up in a local clinic as a chiropractor and adding to the great group of health professionals who work locally.

Previously, I lived very close to the beach in Puerto Rico, where I was for eight years. Although the waters (and weather!) in East Lothian are somewhat less temperate, I am impressed with the commitment people have to staying physically active and healthy, through a range of activities and sports.

One of the most prevalent factors in preventing chronic pain and its effect on overall health and well-being, is physical activity (or lack thereof) and after years of living on an island with high incidence of type 2 diabetes, obesity and chronic morbidity, it’s refreshing to be in a health-driven town with many options for the people here to meet their daily exercise needs.

Remaining physically active has been shown to decrease heart disease by 30%, type 2 diabetes by 40%, cancers, depression and dementia. All of which threaten our community as we live longer and hopefully age gracefully! Most, if not all, people would like to avoid these conditions if they can. But what if we cannot perform the activities we want to? How would that affect your life, happiness and ultimately your health?

One of the passions and sources of great satisfaction in work as a chiropractor is not just helping people manage aches, pains, niggles and minor sports injuries, but in providing advice and guidance to help reinforce the changes we have made in clinic. We help build resilience and decrease fragility by applying the same principles used at top sports clubs and elite training facilities throughout the world. That’s where people see the real benefits of our care. We help people return to the activities they enjoy doing and the subsequent effects of this on their life quality are beyond measure.

People often write off their ability to play sport or become more active due to chronic aches and pains. But well-being can be recovered after taking care of the issue and addressing why an overload was occurring in the first place. We always encourage clients to think about longevity and building a robust and resilient body. And what’s more, we have the right environment and the right community to accomplish this.

We are planning a series of focused workshops and talks around these subjects. For details visit our Facebook page or
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