Great coffee shouldn’t be something you only enjoy at home – Steampunk ensures you’ll have a fantastic brew wherever you wander with the help of a little bit of kit.

There’s no doubt about it, specialty coffee is booming. Great cafés and new roasters are springing up across Scotland.  And, if you’re in North Berwick this summer, popping in to Steampunk Coffee, North Berwick’s specialty coffee roaster based just behind the High Street in Kirk Ports, is a must. There you can sample a range of fantastic beans from all over the world. You can also pick up beans and equipment to enjoy at home, in your holiday accommodation or on the road.

If you are worried being away on holiday means being away from good coffee, never fear, the secret of a fantastic brew at home or while travelling is simpler than you may realise. And it also comes relatively cheaply! Gone are the days when you had to invest in an expensive espresso machine which was also a fiddle to clean and yet never quite replicated the richness and smoothness of your favourite cafe’s offering.

Behold the Aeropress! Invented by Alan Adler, the inventor or the Aerobie Flying Ring, this simple brewer produces a rich yet smooth coffee, with none of the bitterness or muddiness found with other brew methods lurking in most people’s kitchens like drip percolators or cafetieres. At only £25 it is also very affordable. Pair this with a simple good-quality hand grinder and you can have great coffee anywhere you can get boiling water. “We have a customer who takes his Aeropress with him on flights – I really wish I could see the face of the travel attendant when he asks for boiling water and sets up his Aeropress on the little flip-down airline tray!” laughs Steampunk founder, Catherine Franks. “We have been selling these brewers for a while now and they have been proving super popular. They are easy to use, fast, portable and easy to clean.

Steampunk also sells a fantastic ceramic burr hand grinder from Rhinowares which produces very evenly ground coffee. When using an Aeropress, you need a medium grind – about half way between cafetiere and filter grind. The evenness of the grind is essential as large pieces of coffee will remain under-extracted giving a sour result while too small powdery bits will over extract giving you bitterness. Having both in your coffee will give you a terrible result. The Rhinowares grinder also comes with an attachment which clips onto the Aeropress so you can grind your coffee straight in. When not in use, it also stores inside the Aeropress so takes up very little space in your bag.

Still not sure you’ll get the same result as your favourite Barista? Then get in touch with Steampunk Coffee, they can help you get great results from your Aeropress. As they’ve been asked to roast the beans for the Scottish Aeropress Championships this year, they have lots of experience in brewing with this piece of kit. Plus, they’ve produced a video brew guide which you can find on their website and they also run Aeropress courses at their roastery in North Berwick to help you get the most out of your home brewing. And you too can have great coffee, wherever you shall roam this summer!

The Warehouse, 49a Kirk Ports, North Berwick EH39 4HL|