One thing is for certain yoga and Ayurveda are here to stay. As a teacher, consultant and massage therapist, I can see there is little doubt in people’s minds about the incredible benefits these ancient well-being modalities offer. The key to success? Commitment. Get into a routine and tell yourself, “I am worth it.”

Let’s face it; it’s definitely easier to get into a pattern during the summer months; the days are longer and warmer, and we have more energy and vitality. However, during the later part of the summer and into early autumn, when the seasons change, Vata dosha becomes aggravated. We can become ungrounded, anxious, cold, stiff, stuck and out of sorts.

There are many Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle approaches that can help, and of course, yoga can too. In Ayurveda, a solid morning routine is vital, and 20/30 minutes of yoga is a great way to keep you grounded, warm, focused, flexible and strong, and your digestive fire balanced.