Three years ago, if someone told you that your life would change dramatically, you may not have believed them. But life has a way of springing surprises, some pleasant; some not, writes Bernie Rowen-Ross.

In the summertime, our hearts often feel lighter, we have more energy, and most of us want to do more outside. But, what about our inner life? Look to the elders in our community, the wise ones, the people who lived through experiences, who knew when inflation was as high as it is now, and still had a chance of a good life. Let’s think about how they did it – ask older people how they managed. Even though money is tight, there are glimmers of hope even if you work to a very strict budget. You will hear there was no entertainment; they made their own. Someone played a musical instrument, they would make a fire, and sit and sing around it. This brings joy and a carefree attitude. 

There were picnics, not with fancy picnic baskets and expensive champagne; often, a cotton tablecloth was used as a holdall. The children were always excited to unwrap the homemade cakes and sweets their grandmother or mother made. The enjoyment of being in nature looking for tiny sea creatures in rock pools beats any digital game, as does making a ‘tent’ out of old blankets and clothes pegs. 

Speaking of clothes pegs, many of us no longer hang washing outside because we have tumble dryers. Yet, using Mother Nature and natural solar and wind energy does amazing things for clean clothing. Not using petrol or electric mowers and planting flowers and vegetables in the garden instead of lawns gives the bees more nourishment. Hence us more nourishment, and it looks great, saves on the grocery bill, and helps us keep fit. Summer is a great time to beat the budget and save on the fuel bill so that winter is less daunting. 

Handmade and homemade is the new chic way of living – recycling last season’s clothes to make new ones. I have a friend who makes clothes from old linen, sheets and duvets, dyed with new bright colours and I have to say, I like her style. Today, individuality is the way to go. We are all born unique. This is an opportunity to express yourself as the exceptional person you are – it’s okay; everyone wishes to be authentic to their own nature. There is so much freedom in not worrying about what other people say about you. Because let’s face it, when people pass an opinion about you, it says more about them than it does about you.

Google Iris Apfel – you will see that at 100-years-old, she has style, and it is very unique. She says she wants to see personality, not the generic fashion that is prevalent today. Wear something that expresses who you are at 20, 40, 60, 80 and even 100-years-old. It’s such fun!

Bring the sunshine into your life and smile. Life is what you make it, so make it happy. Have a great summer.

Bernie Rowen-Ross is an Ayurvedic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she consults via Zoom
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