Three years ago, if someone told you that your life would change dramatically, you may not have believed them. But life has a way of springing surprises, some pleasant; some not, writes Bernie Rowen-Ross.

Now, we must learn to live with COVID – all well and good. The first reported case of AIDS was in 1981, and we still need more research; people are still suffering from it, but it is no longer headline news. We have learned to live with many things we cannot change, and this begs the question, can an individual really do anything to prevent change? I believe the collective can do something positive, and a collective energy does help. So, what do we do when we feel helpless against tremendous obstacles? Should we find places to help? Of course, we should – because that is our way, you might think. 

But what if I said that it is sometimes vital to do no-thing. And, yes, no-thing isn’t a typo. Sometimes it is better to allow nature to take its course, whatever the situation is. For us to sit in utter silence, let the moment pass, gain greater insight into our depth of thought, and feel what your soul wants of you. Sometimes, that is the most relevant honest, authentic thing to do.

When our minds are busy churning thoughts, ideas, and must-dos, we tend to lose our depth, the feeling of connectedness. The other activity which keeps us away from our depth is buying something we think will fill a gap. But, materialism is far off the mark because material things only bring temporary peace or joy.

Today, as I write, Russia invaded Ukraine, and it is such an utter tragedy. I have no idea when it will end and at what cost. I feel for the ordinary people in this situation; the young soldiers in the Russian army, who did not know they were going to war, their families must be so worried, and the brave Ukrainians, who are not even soldiers, defending their country.

It is time to go deeply into your soul and ask the question, “What if this was happening to
my family and me
” and then act accordingly. We are all interlinked in humanity in some way; we all breathe the same air and bleed red blood. Our hearts beat – we are feeling, emotional human beings.

I said ‘sometimes’ because, at other times, we need to act in solidarity for another. We cannot sit on our well-padded bottoms and hope someone else will clean up the mess or help others. In Scotland, we’re lucky that our wonderful country has always shown such generosity; the Scottish people are open-hearted, warm and giving. 

The world is in a mess, and it will get messier if good men and women do not do something; we cannot afford to be complacent because this horror that we are witnessing is at our back door, and there is untold human suffering.

Take a moment and sit with your thoughts and send out good intentions first to your loved ones; then to people you don’t know very well; then to the village; then spread that love to the country and to specific people all over the world. Finally, send thoughts out to the leaders who are in power to make the correct decisions, and let your actions stem from a place of compassion. Thoughts have energy; let us all try to keep positive energy flowing to all those suffering, as well as practical assistance. 

Bernie Rowen-Ross is an Ayurvedic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she consults via Zoom
t: 01620 844 321 |