Spring has sprung, and that can only mean one thing; It’s time for spring cleaning. Begin with a deep-down spring clean, throw in a little organisation, and your home will feel like new. Morag Readman, owner of the East Lothian franchise of Bright & Beautiful, shares her top tips to get you started.

Take it one room at a time

A methodical approach ensures nothing gets missed and conserves your energy. Work from top to bottom, all the way around the room. Gather your equipment before you start; cleaning kit, vacuum cleaner, bin bags for rubbish, boxes for charity donations and storage

Freshen bedding and linen

It’s very easy to forget, but duvets should be cleaned twice a year – send them to be professionally dry cleaned. Wash all your bedding, throws and cushion covers. Wait for a good windy day, get them out on the line and let the spring breeze do its magic!

Let the sunshine in

Clean the windows to let the sunshine in, clean blinds, shutters and curtains.

Organise your wardrobe

Put away gloves, winter clothing items and boots so you’ll have plenty of space for spring clothing. 

Create a different mood

Consider if you might use your space differently in the better weather. This might mean a declutter, deep clean, or just getting the beds ready with some pretty finishing touches. Ring the changes with cool crisp cottons and vases of fresh bright spring flowers.

If you need help, I’d be delighted to talk to you. Whether you’re thinking about regular cleaning or a one-off visit, give me a call for a free consultation.


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