I would love to look around other people’s homes! ” This is often the response Nicky Meikle receives when she mentions she buys and sells properties in Edinburgh and the Lothians on behalf of clients. She explains; It’s a privilege to be invited into someone’s private and very personal space to assess a potential sale but the bricks and mortar part of the role is secondary to the human element.

Modern life bombards us with images of the ideal home, from the necessary lamp to the must-have garden furniture, hot tub and firepit. We’re seeking a lifestyle that will deliver what we think we need – whether it be comfort, security, an oasis, or status. And for many, property is the most significant conduit of that lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, it’s not always the easiest to come by. 

In the property market, 2021 was the year of under-supply and over-demand which led to a boom in house prices, especially in East Lothian. At Ellisons we transacted a record number of off-market sales and purchases in addition to advertised on-market sales. We had a ready list of buyers and sellers to introduce to each other to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. But even with the price agreed and general willingness on both sides, transactions can hit more than a few bumps in the road, testing even the strongest resolve.

And this is the vital human element of a property advisor’s role. It’s where I earn my sale or purchase fee – problem-solving for each client and (sometimes) for the other party too. It’s where life experience counts. Acceptance of an offer is often just the beginning of selling or buying a property – there’s still a long way to go before actually taking possession. Funding requirements, warranties, fluid settlement days and even the inclusion of moveables can all play a part in influencing the direction of the sale journey. My role is to make this journey as stress-free as possible for clients, and being hands-on and communicating well are just some of the skills needed to deliver a successful outcome.

I don’t do this in isolation; at Ellisons we have strong professional relationships with solicitors, surveyors and other property specialists. Keeping an open dialogue at all times is key. And at the heart of it all – is the client. I am keenly aware of and grateful for the trust placed in me to manage such a significant financial and often emotional transaction.

So, whilst I enjoy advising on how best to present a home for sale, the real added value is delivering a positive client experience from the moment we first meet to when they are handing over or collecting the keys. Our homes should enable us to live our best life and I believe a positive sale or purchase experience is the foundation for this.

To discuss selling or buying please contact Nicky on:
07919 211815