As the new year dawns, leaving behind another challenging year, Bernadette Petrie urges us to let go of the past and visualise a more positive future.

Don’t stay in the past – you won’t find me there. Without a doubt, this is one of the most powerful messages the Divine has for us. Essentially, our human suffering is caused by not being totally present. 

It was no surprise I could not hear Divine’s guidance because I was stuck in my head for many years, and my head was often in the past. I would replay scenarios in my head – have revised pretend conversations with people I conflicted with or felt obligated to – conversations that were never going to happen. Psychologists call this ruminating, this takes up so much of our precious creative energy, and it is in the realm of the victim mindset – it is far from the mindset of the Divine.

The Divine can help us heal the past and visualise the future. But this only happens when we are fully present and connected to our body, and we can feel the Divine presence within. Ruminating is like a fog that stops clarity, preventing a solid connection, and we tend to ruminate about the past. “If I had said this” or “If I had done that” and “If only that hadn’t happened”. Things that did not happen, words that were said or not said, cannot be undone, and we need to make peace with this. We need to let go of things that are no longer open to us; business opportunities, job opportunities, relationships. If we stay focusing on them, holding onto something which has gone – we are far from present. If we remain in the past, we’re not truly living – the Divine resides in the here and now. In truth, there is no past, no future; there is only now.

It can be challenging to believe that you can salvage things and make broken things work. But, in my experience, when I let go of the past and moved into the present – the real direction of my life became apparent. Looking back at the journal I wrote, during my stay at the Priory, it was evident I believed my involvement with another person’s start-up business could continue. Yet, every time I focused on this, I missed the clues to the life that lay ahead of me – a new life as a coach and writer, led with Divine intention.

It’s important to take a moment and come back to the present as often as you can. Try to do this as much as possible or even just a few minutes every day. You will, of course, catch yourself in the past, but day-by-day with practice, you will realise you are living life more divinely in the here and now, no matter what is going on around you. Which means you deal with life as the complete, present-minded human being you are. It can help if you put up signs in the bathroom, on your desk or on the fridge saying, “I’m here now”. We need to coach our minds to stay in the present, and using cues makes this easier. 

The following is a short yet powerful prayer;
I am ready and willing to let go of the past – thank you for healing the parts of me stuck there.
I am ready and willing to be divinely guided by you in the here and now, forever more.

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