During the winter months, many of us can struggle to keep a positive frame of mind. The weather is generally cold, damp, heavy and often windy, and the sky cloudy. Let’s face it – we lack energy! In Ayurveda, winter is the month when our Kapha Dosha elements become aggravated, so a Kapha pacifying routine, diet and lifestyle needs to be adopted to help us through this dark and often dreary season. A great way to help is to have plenty of warm oily massages, drink plenty of hot herbal beverages, eat warm cooked foods such as; soups, pumpkin, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, and move. In addition, a healthy morning routine is important, walking outside in nature once a day, and of course, yoga. Integrating a yoga routine into your lifestyle will help you through the winter months. Here are two poses that will help open the chest, stretch the throat, drain the sinuses, and relieve congestion. We are also working with the heart and throat chakras.

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