In August a short film, aimed at raising the feel-good factor amongst Scotland’s farmers, launched on social media. ‘We all need a farmer’ is the work of award-winning director, Jason Connery, and narrated by renowned Scottish actor Ian Pirie.

The Brand family have been enormously touched by the release of a short film ‘We all need a farmer’ which was inspired by the loss of Grant. Scott Brown, a Midlothian farmer and Animal Health Advisor with Dumfries based Murray Farmcare instigated the short film with the aim of boosting morale and mental well-being in the agricultural community.

Scott said; “Everyone, including the farming community has had a difficult time facing up to COVID-19 in the past 18 months. But, in many cases, the impact of the pandemic simply added to the burden of uncertainty faced by Scottish farmers around issues like Brexit and climate change. Sadly, these wider challenges can pile up on top of people and in the past few years we have seen a significant increase in mental health issues in the farming community. For me personally, statistics become numbers that really hit home when farmers from my local community take their own lives. In February of this year, local farmer and friend Grant Brand took his own life, and the tragic loss of Grant was the catalyst to try and do something to hopefully make a difference to the mindset of other people who may also be struggling mentally.

The film is set to play a key part in the launch of a major new campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues in farming; FarmStrong, an initiative born in rural New Zealand will be brought to Scotland, thanks to financial backing from the Movember charity.

You can watch the film on YouTube and social media:

Grant’s brother Jamie was invited to record a conversation by the rural podcast, OnFarm about mental health within rural communities. You can listen to it at: