Claire Maclachlan answers the common question, what exactly does a copywriter do and does my business need one?

Let’s start with what copy is? It is written persuasive content which is a direct conversation with your customer, designed to turn readers into buyers. Copy is everywhere; on your website, your social media, blogs, emails, newsletters, brochures and more. Engaging and well-written words are invaluable to every business no matter the size. It is often overlooked with many business owners feeling they can write copy themselves, but not everyone is a writer or has the time to do it successfully. Professional copywriters bring so many benefits to your business, here are just a few:

1. Help you connect with your audience

Too much copy is full of sales talk and jargon, and fails to connect with the audience or what they want. Business owners who write their own copy will tend to focus on the features of a product or service (what it is) rather than the benefits it bring to customers (how it helps). For example rather than; ‘We are proud that our hoover has a powerful and cutting-edge motor’, you would say ‘With power you can feel – cut your housework in half and spend more time with your feet up.’ A professional copywriter connects you to your audience. They get rid of the I’s and we’s and focus on the you’s  – ‘You have this problem’ and ‘You need this solution.’ They will write in a direct, yet personal tone to tell your potential customer how you meet their needs, turning them into important buyers.

2. Your time is too valuable

When you’re running a business, your time is spent on all the daily tasks that go with it. Writing good copy for brochures, websites or any other marketing material takes time. A professional copywriter can do it in half the time and be twice as effective, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business.

3. Climb up those Google rankings

Informative and well-written content can help your business rise up the Google rankings – no more languishing on page 2! Every time a prospective customer carries out a Google search they type in specific keywords.  Copywriters will subtly work these into your copy. This is called SEO (search engine optimisation) copywriting and is very powerful. Easy to read and original content also improves the user experience by making the reader stay on the page, again Google rewards you for this. 

4. Bring a fresh perspective

As a business owner it is hard to step back and to think clearly about the benefits you bring. A professional copywriter does not need to be an expert in your business or industry. Rather they will ask questions to find out more; look at the marketing you are doing and research your competitors. By doing so, they’re able to write copy with the right tone and message for your customers and your business.

Copywriting is a skill and an invaluable business investment. Hire a professional today, you won’t regret it.

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