Since embarking on my Ayurvedic journey I have been astounded at its ancient wisdom and knowledge regarding healing and health. Ayurveda, looks at who we are and what we need at that particular moment in time and gives us a solid plan to follow so we can authentically live a happy and healthy life. An aspect of Ayurveda which has been truly life changing is looking at my morning habits and creating a really healthy morning routine – this is called Dinacharya. Many of us lack any sort of morning routine yet it plays a vital role in our long term health. Dinacharya needs to be practiced in the morning in order to keep the connection with the circadian rhythms of nature. One way to keep this connection is to rise early and practice yoga. Begin by waking early (before 7am!) and start your morning giving thanks (‘I’m so grateful for…’). Then pop on the kettle, grab a mug of hot ginger and lemon tea, roll out your mat and practice 20 to 30 minutes of yoga. This gets the energy moving, warms and stretches the body, focuses the mind and connects you with your soul.