Long fascinated with crystals, gemstones and fossils, Hayley Flanagan introduces us to NØRDEN’s newly launched crystal range.

In 1880, French physicist Pierre Curie (Marie Curie’s husband) discovered that putting pressure on various crystals – including quartz, topaz and tourmaline – created electricity. This phenomenon, called the Piezoelectric effect, is why crystals are used as essential elements in computers, TV screens, iPhones and satellites. Because all matter is vibrational energy, including the bioelectric fields our bodies generate, we can use crystals to resonate, balance and focus the positive, and disperse the negative energies in ourselves and our spaces.

Growing up in the moorlands of the North, ‘dinosaur country’, regular visits to Ingleborough Cave inspired a family obsession with crystals, gemstones and fossils. And, alongside this came the fascination with the action of heat, pressure, water and minerals in nature to produce such varying and beautiful objects. This inspired our crystal range, designed to promote healthy homes and lifestyles by helping you create your own modern wellbeing rituals, or as we like to call them – NØRDEN rituals.

So, interrupt the frenetic flow of your day. Deep breath in – then exhale. This range is an open invitation to experience an alternative pace of life. Infusing elements of tactile plywood and pure crystals to provoke mindful contemplation of the natural good around us, and your inner truth. Each crystal has been curated intentionally for daily use. Transform your space. Make it a ritual.

SMUDGE SET: clearing negative energy

ZODIAC BOX: supporting your positive and imperfect aspects

ZEN GARDEN: inspiring mindful moments

CHAKRA SET: balancing and amplifying your energy meridians

available from
82 High St, North Berwick