I have being working online with a private client who’s been coming to me for a number of years. Due to her changing needs we decided to switch our approach to her yoga practice and try a more yin approach. This has been so successful for her, that it inspired me train in yin yoga. Practiced for centuries in China and Taiwan, yin yoga is more of a restorative nurturing yoga practice and a perfect accompaniment to my regular Vinyasa, power and deep core teachings. This nurturing approach really allows you to switch off, deeply releasing the connective tissue and unblocking the body meridians to ensure your body is really functioning and performing correctly. During practice we use props such as pillows, cushions and folded blankets, holding poses from two, three and five minutes each time. This helps stimulate, compress and nourish the meridians to allow the life force energy to flow freely through the body (like acupuncture), so we can be still – calming the mind enabling us to delve a little deeper. Everyone experiences their yoga practice differently each and every time, which is why we often call it a journey. I highly recommend the practice, but I feel yoga is especially vital during this transitional seasonal time.

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